Go Mobile

Now is the time to build a responsive website to reach mobile users
Web Design & Development
January 29, 2016

Go Mobile

Your customers are going mobile and there’s no slowing them down. From 2009 to 2015 there was a global increase of mobile users from 800 million to 1.9 billion! With this many users on their mobile phones, is your digital presence optimized for them?

The importance of going mobile:

Here’s our homepage result showing a positive mobile user experience. What’s your result? 

Mobile test results for www.crusaderdm.com, success!

You can accomplish the ability to reach any screen size, including mobile users, with a responsive website. This is the approach that suggests your website should respond to the user’s behaviour based on their screen size, platform, and orientation.

Key features of responsive design are:

  • increased reach to tablet and mobile users
  • increased sales and conversions from a better user experience
  • increase visibility in search engines
  • consolidated stats and reporting
  • saved development time and cost

As more and more users are consuming mobile media, going mobile in 2016 is a must to retain site visitors, increase search engine visibility, and attain better conversion rates. Contact Crusader to find out how we can help you Go Mobile today.